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take me baby or leave me!

I'm feeling really wierd right now.....

I can stop thinking about Brandon.I hate him,but I feel so mean.

In 6th grade when he started liking me he gave me a giant teddy bear with a locket at read "i love you Courtney"...he liked me in 7th grade,and he asked me out about 40 times...In eighth grade he dated some other girls but after,and during he asked me out.  I feel like,even though I don't like him,that he belongs to me,so to speak...

It is truly wierd...
I haven't had a true "crush" in like a year.

no one is worth it,

I've never had a boyfriend.
I've never been kissed.
Never had a guy that I like liking me back...life truly sucks eh?

The thunder outside is soothing,
and the rain on the window is a steady rythym.
the lightning is a natural lazer show.
But I want to run inot the rain and sing.
and dance.
and get kissed..

wow WAY to much Degrassi for me!

I am officially an undescribable mess.

I can't wait till camp...I can be a DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the stage is my refuge.
my life.
my soul

I'm seeing a play sunday...at my old acting group!!!



the cute little girl with pig-tail braids is me..in 4th grade..
god I loved that part
357 lines of PURE MAGIC!

I can't wait till school
I can be me...
i haven't been able to be me in awhile!


Jun. 28th, 2006 02:51 am (UTC)
you definetly dont need to worry about not having a boyfriend in middle school. most relationships at that age (or younger) are just for the idea of having one. personally, id never had anything near a relationship till last year (freshman), and ive been with my boyfriend for 5 months now. thing is, hes a year older than me, and went to the other middle school. so theres no way id have met him before now. im sure youll find someone soon enough. so as mat said above, theres seriously no rush. i think its better to wait for the right person anyways

also, you were in 'to kill a mocking bird'?!?! i read that last year, and its an absolutely wonderful book.


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